Letter to the consumers - 20161220



Recently we have received many emails from customers to inquire the company's new models. We hereby clarify as follows:


1. We are currently in the initial assembly and testing of the new model and are expected to be completed and launched the Booboospa new model in January 2017. If the new models have been launched officially, we will announce the news on our website too.


2. Some customers inquired about the new model (Photo B) but they suspected the product is counterfeit and then confirm with our company. After confirming from us, here we clarify this product is not made by Booboospa!

(Photo B)

3. All Booboospa products is self-researched and self-developed, our products have obtained multiple technological patents, trademarks, and quality certification(Photo A). In order to protect customers rights, we have commissioned a patent attorney to carry out the verification. If any fake, we will sue it.

(Photo A)


At present, our products have been marketing to more than 30 countries around the world and we have authorized with many distributors to sell the Booboospa products. We state we will never pass off the fish eyes as pearlsto do the business! Here we call all the consumers to check carefully before buying to avoid damage your rights!

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